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About Helene

I am an independent chocolatier with Dove Chocolate Discoveries.  In short, we do home chocolate-tasting parties!  The chocolate is Dove's exclusive line of products, only available through these home parties and chocolatiers.  
Not only am I a chocolatier that conducts these home parties, I also train and mentor new chocolatiers in the business.  Since Dove Chocolate Discoveries is only 4 years old, we are always looking for energetic, fun people to join this business and spread the chocolate love!  Unlike other direct sales companies, the market is not flooded with consultants; in contrast, there are very few chocolatiers in the area.

In addition to chocolate parties, I also do candy-making classes with adults & children, and I can make chocolate candies for events such as bridal showers, parties, and more!

About Dove Chocolate Discoveries

Business Location: Orlando, FL
Dove Chocolate Discoveries features the same Dove Chocolate that you know and love from the stores, but it is their exclusive line only available through our chocolate parties and chocolatiers.  Items include martinis, mousse, daiquiris, BBQ sauce, and much more.

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