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About David

Innovative Accomplishments:

v Researched and co-developed a breakthrough technology for hazardous waste remediation and power generation method utilizing high temperature waste destruction.

v Invented Glow-in-the-Dark colors for kid’s toys. Worked with leading toy companies, including Mattel, Inc.

v Invented a high-speed lab & full-scale production sand mill still in production today that took a 3 day process to a continuous 1 pass cleaner color development method, most Blacks and cosmetic pigments are processed via this method today.

v Invented a true 3-part Interpenetrating-networking film (1st one ever developed). All films of this type began here.

v Developed a full line of low-VOC urethane coatings.

v Invented a True Liquid Powder Coating with a VOC of 0.3.

v Developed a high temperature (+2800*f) slip coating for wire-pull inside of pipe.

v Developed two full lines of intermix automotive & aircraft coatings.

v Developed and introduced to the marketplace a non-wax automotive finish-coating in use on ALL cars today.

v Developed"Paint Pens" with a leading cosmetic company for fingernail polish.

v Developed the method for Pigmenting UV coatings that are used today to coat metal drivers used in Golfing.

v Co-Developed new smokestack Technology used in power plants and incinerators.

v Designed and oversaw construction of all new plants and warehousing, including layout,tank design, process piping, batch making and storage facilities.

v Co-developed a breakthrough technology for the remediation of PCB’s and other organic wastes. The core technology is in use today in several popular automobiles and furnace systems for cleaning outside air. Worked in collaboration with a leading mid-western University.


About Dev-Alt Corporation

Business Location: Clermont, Fl

DEV-ALT Corporation is a completely innovative Clean Tech company whose distinction is offering fully integrated, multiple green-power solutions in one package that offset conventional energy consumption by up to 70% on average.  DEV-ALT is the first to offer these time-tested technologies on a project-specific, 100% customized and fully integrated basis to yield the maximum efficiencies possible.

We employ the use of PV, Solar Thermal, Geo-Thermal, Electric Load Shifting,Tri-generation (in conventional and solar configurations) in a unique marriage that offers unrivaled performance in dramatically reducing energy consumption from day one in both new construction and retrofits.

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